Saint Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy Weekly Bulletin


Mr. Heide Principal

Thank you to all who were brave enough to venture out in the snow this past Saturday for the winter carnival! It was a big success and something we’ll definitely be doing in the future. Hopefully, we’ll have better weather next time. Nonetheless, it seemed like everyone had fun which was our goal. If you have not done so already, please bring in your money for chocolate. This fundraiser is mandatory for all students in grades K thru 8. By bringing in your $60 donation now, you will be able to sell your box of chocolate and reimburse yourself. Failure to do so will result in the chocolate being returned to the company and the $60 fee being added to your tuition. This coming Monday, we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was an individual who stood for social justice and equality for all. While he may no longer be with us, his message still resonates loud with us today. Please take time with your children to talk about Dr. King and the importance of acceptance and equality. Dr. King is proof of just how powerful one individual can be and how one’s beliefs can impact society for generations to come. Have a wonderful weekend. We’ll see you on Tuesday!


Mrs. Farrell Director of Religious Education

Our UPK religion classes have begun.  The children are a delight and their curiosity and innocence is so refreshing. Our Communion children are getting ready for their second special Mass on January 22nd. Catholic Schools Week is approaching.  Let’s keep in mind how our faith is reinforced through our Catholic Education.


Mrs. Miller UPK Administrator, Ms. Martino, Mrs. DeMarinis, Mrs. Natale, Ms. Crane UPK

This week Pre-K will continue our unit on transportation.  In week two, children begin to think about how different kinds of transportation are similar and different.  This is an opportunity to compare and contrast the attributes of different modes of transportation; children can explore the science of how vehicles move according to their interest levels.  This subtopic taps into children's curiosity about vehicles and how they travel and move, enabling meaningful connections to the Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core (PKFCC) technology standards in Domain 5.


Mrs. Saviano Kindergarten

This week Kindergarten is reviewing the initial d, l, and c sound. They are also learning how to read and write all of the words in the at word family. They are also working on recognizing sight words. They are learning how to count objects in groups of eleven and twelve as well as write 11 and 12. We are working on being the best kindergartner we can be as we are practicing to be kind to one another and work together. We are recognizing that we are part of a community. We are also working on winter projects as we learn all about the season.


Mrs. Luciano (Ms. Regina) First Grade

This week the first grade had a surprise when Mr. DeMarinis visited our floor and showed us how he operates his railroad train set!  The students had a lot of fun watching this and it opened up a conversation about transportation.  In phonics this week we were learning long U words.  "Mule" is a long U word.  The students were comparing how different it would be to ride a mule to get from place to place versus riding a train from place to place. We even did a journal exercise on this topic to share our responses. The students took their spelling test today on long U words, and they had a math test yesterday on adding on and making a ten.  The students have also been learning to work on word problems with 3 addends.  I will remind all students to continue to work on their addition facts, by using flashcards at home, so that they can recognize their facts quickly.  We talked about a Dr. Martin Luther King quote this week: "Peace is more precious than diamonds or silver or gold."  We linked our social studies discussions to religion as well and spent the week talking about how we can be peacemakers in our world today.  Peace really is such a precious thing.  Have a peaceful weekend everyone.  


Ms. Ferraro Second Grade

On Saturday, despite the snow, many children enjoyed the Winter Carnival. They had a great time!  The candy sale is in full swing, so please try to do your best. The second graders began learning how to regroup when adding two digit numbers. They really understand the concept and are doing a great job. In Social Studies, the children learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and how he fought for fair laws and equality for everyone.  Our new Religion unit focuses on the importance of serving others.  We are also learning about our parish community and the importance of praying with them. We will be celebrating the Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr, therefore, there will be no school on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend!


Ms. Rodgers Third Grade

This week in 3rd grade Math, we have been learning how to round numbers to the nearest ten and hundred using a number line.  We reviewed place value and caught on pretty quickly to rounding even when I tried to give them tricky problems, they were still able to work through them properly.  In ELA, we had a test mid-week to wrap up our lessons on helping and linking verbs and we finished the week by learning about irregular verbs.  In Religion we finished up our chapter on the Early Church and how the apostles helped the Church to grow; we will be having a test on this next week. We were happy to spend our Friday morning at Mass with the rest of the school where Dakota and the rest of the January Students of the Month received their Student of the Month Certificates, and we are looking forward to Mass again next week so we'll practicing our Mass responses during the long weekend.


Mrs. Sorriero Fourth and Fifth Grade ELA and Science

After finishing our last unit reading different narratives, this week we began writing our own fictional narratives.  Students chose to write within the genre they like best to read, historical, fantasy, and realistic to name a few.  Next week in science we will be having our assessment on electricity and magnetism.  Be sure to study for Tuesday! Today several of our classmates represented our class in the Mass for Social Justice. Great job students! Today was our assessment on the Changing Surface of Our Planet. We will now move on from the lithosphere to the atmosphere.  The fifth grade has been practicing writing dialogue in ELA. After completing the challenging Tween Life essay, we now take on a nonfictional narrative that reveals our first attempt at something.


Mrs. Fulgieri Fourth and Fifth Grade Math and Social Studies

Both 4 and 5th grade students are learning about the Native American cultures. Grade 4 is focusing on the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of NY state.  Did you know that the old Iroquois trail follows the same route as the New York State Thruway?  Grade 5 read about the tribes of the Eastern Woodlands Cultural Region.  We were all surprised to learn that a wigwam and a teepee are two entirely different abodes.  Now they are reading about the Great Plains Native American tribes.  Both grades are very interested in the topic and eager to expand their knowledge. With Catholic Schools week approaching, the class has been talking about the value of a Catholic School education.  The students have been having serious discussions about the benefits of our school and the important life values they are learning.  We are hoping to have some SMGHCA graduates return and speak to the students about continuing their Catholic education on the high school level.


Ms. Catalano Sixth Grade Science, Social Studies, and ELA

The sixth grade did well on their social studies test last week. Good job! Soon we’ll be discussing the interaction between Nubia and Egypt. In Science, we recently started discussing the saltwater biome – where it is located and some of the creatures found in the Shallow Ocean Zone, the Ocean Surface Zone, and the Deep Ocean Zone. Remember, the land biome dioramas are due the week of January 17. In language Arts, we are beginning to practice for the sixth grade NYS-ELA test. Today, we worked on the reading section. Don’t forget our SMGHCA Mass is on Friday, January 13. Please come and celebrate with the school.


Ms. Pellegrino Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade ELA

This week in Eighth grade ELA we are continuing to read and analyze our novel "Extras". The students are given a quiz every day on the material read for homework to keep them on their toes. In Seventh grade ELA they are reading different types of short stories genres. In Religion the students are studying the gospels and learning the similarities and differences between them. It is a very productive week.


Ms. Winwood Seventh, and Eighth Grade Science

The eighth grade is currently learning about minerals and they are having a test this Friday on Chapter 1. The seventh grade is studying viruses and their impact on the world.  Eighth grade religion is concentrating on the Crusades and the Inquisition and the Church in the High Middle Ages.  They are having a test this Friday on Chapter 10.  Our eighth graders are hearing from the Catholic High School this week.  As of Thursday, we have so many of our students who have received scholarships to various schools and we are expecting more to come.  Congratulations to all for their achievements and acceptances.  There is a school Mass this Friday at 8:45 AM.  Remember that Monday is Martin Luther King Day and school is closed.


Mr. DeMarinis Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

Good luck to our 8th graders who should be receiving their Catholic High School results in the mail this Friday. In addition, thank you for all who made the Winter Carnival a success. The 7th graders this week learned about the first battles of the American Revolution and will watch Johnny Tremain next week to get a deeper understanding of this time in history. The 8th graders are completing their chapter on Industry in America and will have a test on Tuesday. 8-1 in religion is studying the Church during the early Middle Ages. On Monday, let us not forget the contribution Dr. King has made to our country. Have a great weekend.


Mrs. Corrado Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade Math, and Math 9

Although I was out for two days with a stomach virus, grades 6-8 continued to practice proportional reasoning and are doing great. I am reviewing the work I sent in for them in my absence and assessing what needs to be reviewed. Next week, grade 6 will apply proportional reasoning to converting between different units of measure. Grade 7 will apply their proportional reasoning skills to solving multi step percent problems with real world application. Grade 8 will continue exploring slope and similar triangles and why a proportional relationship exists between them. Math 9 will review inequalities and set notation. Since all grades are finishing up their respective units, they should all expect tests toward the end of next week.


Ms. Fitzgerald Physical Education

This week the lower grades continued to practice catching while beginning to work on throwing using the step forward motion. They worked in pairs throwing to their partner who would catch the ball and then throw it back. I am seeing a lot of great effort from everyone. This week the upper grades continued to work on bumping in different drills that also included teamwork. Next we will move into setting.


Señorita Mena Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Spanish

¡Hola! This week has been intense. Grades 6 to 8 are taking their second exam. Grade 6 has been showing a tremendous skill in knowing their subject pronouns in Spanish! As well as Spanish catchphrases and concept of time. Grade 7 and 8 are putting their brains to the test by using their memory skills. Not only are they working hard on remembering a lot of information but we've had two lessons on review and practice. ¡Gracias!