Saint Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy Weekly Bulletin


Mr. Heide Principal

Congratulations to all of our eighth graders on their placement for high school next year! The faculty is greatly impressed with the amount of scholarship money our eighth graders have received for high school. It is a reflection of their hard work and success here at St. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy. Hats off to the sixth graders and the awesome job they did on their land biomes dioramas. They look great! The remaining time of our chocolate sale is running out. If you have not brought in your money, please do so this coming week. This fundraiser is mandatory for all academy students in Grades K through 8. If you do not bring in your money, the $60 contribution will be added onto your next tuition bill. All remaining boxes of chocolate will be picked up by World’s Finest Chocolate in the upcoming week. Therefore, if you do not bring in your money by next  week, there is no guarantee we will have chocolate to give you when you do pay your bill. Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Farrell Director of Religious Education

Our second special First Communion Mass is Sunday, January 22, at 9:30 A.M. The children and their families will have reserved seats in the front of the church for the Mass.  The children will receive their very own Book of Parables. Please make sure your children respond at Mass so they are participating and practicing the responses.


Mrs. Miller UPK Administrator, Ms. Martino, Mrs. DeMarinis, Mrs. Natale, Ms. Crane UPK

This week Pre-K will continue our transportation unit.  In the third week of the unit, children consider the question, “who operates vehicles in my community?  In this week, children observe and explore vehicle operators such as bus drivers, conductors, taxi drivers, pilots, fire fighters, police officers, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and other community helpers.  In this week there are opportunities to extend learning by taking a walking field trip or having a community helper visit the classroom, which connects to PKFCC social studies standards in Domain 5.


Mrs. Saviano Kindergarten

This week Kindergarten is discovering the letter Nn and its initial sound.  We are learning how to write the numbers 11-15. We are counting different groups of objects and comparing which groups have more and which have fewer. We are using words such as greater than, more than, less than, fewer, and equal. We are also learning about the many things Martin Luther King Jr. did to fight for equality. We are practicing how to work together as part of a community and be the best kindergarteners we can be. 


Mrs. Luciano (Ms. Regina) First Grade

The first graders were working hard this week learning the difference between singular and plural nouns, as well as beginning to understand the concept of subject verb agreement. We also read an interesting story about honey bees and we were able to compare and contrast how a honey bee community works together and how our community works together. The students really enjoyed seeing pictures of the queen bee! In math we were reading word problems and focused on subtracting with using a tens frame. In religion we have been studying the Holy Family- Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. It is so interesting to see how Jesus grew up in a family just like we do. The first graders put on their art smocks this week and painted to enhance our social studies topic about famous landmarks in our community. They demonstrated good painting skills. It was great to see!


Ms. Ferraro Second Grade

The second graders who are receiving First Communion, will be attending the 9:30 Mass on Sunday, January 22nd.  This is an important Mass for the children and all should be in attendance.  Catholic Schools Week is fast approaching and plans are under way.  The celebration will begin on Sunday, January 29th. with an Open House. Many special events will continue throughout the week.  In Religion, the children are learning the importance of service.  During this past week, we discussed ways that we can be of service to others.  They are continuing the concept of addition with regrouping in Math and began estimating numbers this week.  I'm proud to report that the children are doing very well with both concepts. The children read "Anansi Goes Fishing", which is a folktale.  They learned what type of literature a folktale is and what it represents.  Please keep Nicholas Rampersaud, one of our Second Graders, in your prayers as he prepares for the Sacrament of Baptism.  Nicholas will be baptized on Saturday, January 28th.  This is very special celebration for him and his family and we wish them much happiness.  Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Rodgers Third Grade

The 3rd grade has started a unit on Western Expansion and have really been enjoying learning about the adventures of Lewis and Clark. We also started discussing the Oregon Trail and will continue learning about pioneers settling the frontier over the next few weeks.  In Math, we are beginning to master our 9 times tables and spent time this week working on finding different patterns in the multiplication table.  In ELA, we are working on combining simple sentences to create compound sentences and make our writing become smoother.  We had a test in Religion this week to finish up our unit on the early Church and then we began our next topic where the children were introduced to the four marks of the Church.


Mrs. Sorriero Fourth and Fifth Grade ELA and Science

Fourth graders are expanding their writing skills.  We are really going to put ourselves to the dialogue test when we begin our two Catholic Schools Week projects. What a great time to show everyone what we are capable of!  As a class much of our discussion is focused on how our subject skills are intertwined.  Look over your science assessment this week to see if you are carrying over your writing format, complete sentences with evidence. Fifth graders have left the lithosphere and are traveling upward into the atmosphere.  Understanding the layers of the atmosphere will set a good foundation to look further at the events of the atmosphere.  We are looking forward to our upcoming display for Catholic Schools Week where we focus on  one particular atmospheric condition.  Good job on the science assessment this week class!


Mrs. Fulgieri Fourth and Fifth Grade Math and Social Studies

This week grade 4 has begun the process of division.  It's been a challenging start for the students as they are learning the 5 steps; divide, multiply, subtract, compare, and bring down the next number.  Please remember to spend a few minutes daily with your child reviewing the basic multiplication and division facts. Division will be so much easier for them with fact fluency.  Grade 5 is completing a unit on the multiplication of decimals with problem solving.  The students are enjoying their group work and the competitiveness of the guess and check strategy. There will be a chapter test in math for grade 5 on Thursday, the 27th.  We are using our social studies periods to get ready for Catholic Schools Week.  The theme for our hallway is the Midwest.  The 4th grade learned how to navigate Fact  This student almanac site is helping them with their Midwest state profiles.  The 5th grade is working on their anchor charts which will compare the Eastern Woodland and Great Plains Native Americans.  Next week both grades will be making dream catchers.  The 5th grade is learning about the Liturgical calendar of the Church and the work of Pope Gregory XIII in the implementation of the Gregorian calendar. 


Ms. Catalano Sixth Grade Science, Social Studies, and ELA

The sixth grade is preparing to present their land biome dioramas to the class. They did a fantastic job! They were very creative. We hope you come and check them out at the open house on Sunday, January 29. In Language Arts, we are reviewing our grammar. In Social Studies, we are studying for a test on January 26. We are also learning about the interaction between Egypt and Nubia.


Ms. Pellegrino Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade ELA

In both Seventh and Eighth, the students are getting ready to take their biweekly Vocabulary exam. Each time the students are challenged a little more because different stipulations are required in their sentences. They are meeting the challenges well! In Religion the students are studying the gospels and noting the similarities and differences. It is a productive week!


Ms. Winwood Seventh, and Eighth Grade Science

Congratulations to our eighth graders! I can’t believe we have so many students receiving scholarships! It’s such wonderful news. Although it was a short one, we had a very busy week! Enjoy your weekend. See you on Monday.


Mr. DeMarinis Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

We are very proud of our 8th graders. The results from the TACHS test have arrived and many of our students were accepted to Catholic High Schools. There were many students who received partial and full scholarships to a variety of Catholic Schools. The 7th graders are studying the Declaration of Independence and should expect a test next week. The 8th graders are learning about the growth of cities and immigration to this great country in the late 1800's and early 1900's. In Religion, the students had a test on Thursday and have begun to learn more about Church history during the Middle Ages. Have a great weekend.


Mrs. Corrado Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade Math, and Math 9

Grade 6 has been converting customary units of measure using a variety of strategies. There will be a unit test on Monday on Ratios, Rates, Unit Rates, and Converting Measurements. Grade 7 has been calculating percents using several different strategies and will also have a test on Monday. Grade 8 has been working on finding the slope & y-intercept of a line and using that information to write the equation of given lines. A test on those three topics will be on Monday. Math 9 is finishing the chapter on Inequalities including set notation and had a test on the chapter. The middle school is also getting ready for Catholic School week where we will be celebrating our Nation.


Ms. Fitzgerald Physical Education

We are moving along nicely in our volleyball/ball handling skills unit. Students are continuing to work on bumping while getting started with the set technique. Students have been working together in groups practicing and strengthening these skills. This week all students learned a new game called SPUD. This game includes the skills of throwing and catching along with communication and memorization. Students seem to enjoy this game and it is a fun way to get some game play in while strengthening our skills.


Señorita Mena Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Spanish

¡Hola! Now that all grades have finally tested, 5th graders are starting their introduction into subject pronouns. They will learn 5 verbs per week. Our goal is to have a total of 20 verbs. By learning these verbs, students will begin to use them in class and practice pronunciation at the same time. 6th grade is learning the present tense verb endings for ER and IR ending verbs. They are also understanding how and why in spanish verbs change. For the 7th and 8th grade classes, students will be learning about the past and future tense. Formatting sentences will continue to be part of our lesson a long with Latin American history and geography. Moving forward 7th and 8th grade will be absorbing tons of information. Every week or two, classes will have a themed country which will tie into the history and geography. ¡Gracias!