Saint Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy Weekly Bulletin


Mr. Heide Principal

What a busy and exciting week! Thank you to all the families who came to our open house this past Sunday. We hope you enjoyed visiting our classrooms and seeing your child’s work. I’d like to recognize and thank the faculty for all their hard work in the preparation that was put into Catholic Schools Week at St. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy. Collectively, they were the brains behind the operation. I’d also like to thank Sister Ann Grey for coming in as our “Principal for the Day”. As I said at mass, Sister Ann is extremely dedicated to Catholic Education and has been a wealth of knowledge for both myself and the Board of Directors. She is truly committed to our school and loved meeting your children. Next Friday, February 10 is the St. Valentine’s Dance. Be sure to complete the form to be in attendance. We look forward to seeing you there.


Mrs. Farrell Director of Religious Education

Catholic Schools Week Mass went well.  Our third First Communion meeting was last night and our special Mass will be February 12th.  The children are preparing for their first Penance on March 21st.  Please continue to practice their prayers, especially the Act of Contrition. We are also preparing for Lent which begins on Ash Wednesday, March 1st.


Mrs. Miller UPK Administrator, Ms. Martino, Mrs. DeMarinis, Mrs. Natale, Ms. Crane UPK

This week we began our sixth unit of study, Light.  The children are moving from exploring various modes of transportation to thinking about and asking questions about light, darkness, and shadows.  The Light unit provides many opportunities for the children to observe objects in their environment.  In this unit, we will be discussing natural and man-made sources of light.  The various activities will prompt the children to explore light and darkness in  a hands-on manner and will encourage making predictions and thinking about the world around us.  In addition to starting our new unit of study, we also enjoyed spending time with a "buddy" class and dressing up for both pajama day and career day.  It was an exciting week for the UPK!


Mrs. Saviano Kindergarten

This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools week as well as preparing for Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school. We are working on Valentine's Day projects as well 100th day projects. We are learning about Winter and completing winter projects as well. We are also reviewing our sight words and word families that were taught through out the year. In Math we are learning how to count different groups of objects up to 20. We are working on identifying and writing the numbers as well. We are also learning how to blend sounds together to read words. We are continuing to bloom.


Mrs. Luciano (Ms. Regina) First Grade

Catholic Schools Week has been a blast in First Grade! We toured around the school visiting the hallways that were transformed into different regions of the United States. We had so much fun looking at the creativity of all the students' work as we walked around. We had a delicious bagel breakfast on Tuesday, went to Mass and watched a volleyball game on Wednesday, and wore our pajamas to school on Thursday. A highlight for us was definitely being able to work with our 7th grade buddies many times this week. It allowed us to see how we are a community growing in faith and knowledge. We even did a service project this week by writing Valentine cards to hospitalized Veterans. Today was Career Day and we enjoyed learning about possible career choices, as well as dressing up! We are sorry to see such a fun week come to an end.


Ms. Ferraro Second Grade

As Catholic Schools Week comes to an end, we can look back on many exciting events that took place. We took a trip around the United States on Monday and learned many interesting facts about our great country. On Tuesday everyone enjoyed a bagel breakfast as we celebrated the students and the teachers. Wednesday's Mass was a wonderful celebration of our parish community.  The Second Graders took part in the Mass, some reading and some in the offertory procession. They did such an amazing job - I was extremely proud of them.  Chelsea Joseph and Conner Leach-Wilson did the readings and Zoe Pichardo, Laila Sosa, Daryus D'Sousa, Joel Fuentes, and Nicholas Rampersaud brought up the gifts.  The children really looked forward to Thursday, which was "Pajama Day".  They did an art activity with the Sixth Grade and watched a movie with the First Grade. The week of celebrations came to a close on Friday with "Career Day".  Several people from the community visited the school to tell the children about their careers.  All in all, Catholic Schools Week proved to be a wonderful and exciting celebration of our school. Throughout all the festivities, we managed to complete most of the planned assignments.  In Math we worked on the difficult concept of two step word problems. In Reading we read a story that taught the children about the growing and harvesting of crops.  As you can see, we had a very busy and eventful week!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Rodgers Third Grade

It was quite a busy and exciting week for the 3rd grade - as well as the rest of the school - as we celebrated Catholic Schools Week.  The kids really enjoyed getting to walk around the school on Monday to see all the hallways decorated to represent different regions of the United States.  After we returned from our tour of the school the kids created a booklet to share all the facts they learned from each hallway display. Tuesday the students were treated to a bagel breakfast and we spent some time discussing why each of us believes SMGHCA is special. Wednesday we came together to celebrate Catholic Schools Week with a special Mass in the morning and in the afternoon the kids got to be spectators at the Student vs. Faculty Volleyball game.  Thursday was not only Pajama Day but we got to buddy up with our 6th grade buddies in Ms. Corrado's class where we worked together on some Math activities.  Friday was very busy as we had some special visitors in our class to talk to us for Career Day and the students all got to dress up to represent the career they hope to have when they grow up. In addition to that, we honored the feast of St. Blaise on Friday by having our throats blessed in class.


Mrs. Sorriero Fourth and Fifth Grade ELA and Science

It was great seeing so many of our classmates and family members this past Sunday for the kick off of Catholic Schools Week.  We were very excited to show off what we have been working on.  It was equally fun taking the regional tour of our nation displayed in the other school hallways.  The celebrating continued with buttery bagels, victorious volleyball, pink pjs, and magical movies.  Fourth graders couldn't wait to meet their buddy's and share the treat they especially made for them.  Today our week concluded with career day!  Fifth grade can really hustle and make a cornfield in the middle of a tornado. Their display for Catholic Schools Week came out great!  We were also really excited this week to start our next novel, Bud, Not Buddy.  Be sure to follow your close reading strategy.


Mrs. Fulgieri Fourth and Fifth Grade Math and Social Studies

Catholic School Week is a very exciting time at SMGHCA.  The students enjoyed their visits to the other hallways and admired all the displays.   The entire school participated in Celebrating Our Nation, and the teachers and students should be proud of their work.  After celebrating our annual Catholic School Week Mass, the students topped the day off watching the volleyball game between the eighth grade and faculty.  The fifth grade is looking forward to their Buddy Day with Mrs. Natale's Pre-K class.  They wrote stories in Mrs. Sorriero's Language Arts class and will read them to the children. As a special token they made yarn dolls for the little ones as a remembrance of the special day.  Tomorrow's Pajama Day has been greatly anticipated and will culminate with an afternoon movie. Career Day is sure to be a hit as we end this hectic week. Back to work on Monday!


Ms. Catalano Sixth Grade Science, Social Studies, and ELA

The 6th grade has been having a fantastic week. We've had so much fun during Catholic Schools Week.  Sunday was an enjoyable day meeting some new people and seeing some current school families at the Open House. Monday we had an interesting time touring the nation and learning about the different regions of the United States. All of the classes did a wonderful job. Tuesday the students had a tasty bagel breakfast.  Wednesday we celebrated mass and an saw an exciting student/faculty volleyball game. The 6th grade cheered for the entire game. Congratulations to the 8th graders for getting their rings. We can't wait for the rest of our events this week.


Ms. Pellegrino Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade ELA

This week is Catholic School's week! Our hallways are decorated and ready to be toured. Each day the students are experiencing a different activity to participate in or support. It is very exciting. All classes are incorporating Religion and Faith...Knowledge... and Service into each subject to reinforce the benefits and privilege of a Catholic education. It is an inspirational week!


Ms. Winwood Seventh, and Eighth Grade Science

The eighth grade has just finished the chapter on Rocks and will be having a test on it next week.  We start studying Plate Tectonics tomorrow.  Seventh grade science is still studying protists and determining whether they are animal, plant or fungus like.  Eighth grade religion is concentrating on the Great Schism of the West during the 1300's and the reign of Pope Clement VII - the antipope.  Sixth grade religion is still on the book of Exodus.  We are studying how God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and their travels to the promised land.  The students have really been enjoying Catholic Schools Week!


Mr. DeMarinis Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

Catholic Schools Week here at SMGHCA was a great success. Best of luck to our 8th graders who received their rings this week. In religion, we continue to learn about the Church  during the Middle Ages and we prepared for Wednesday's mass. The 8th graders had a test this week and have begun to learn about the Progressive Era in America. In addition, the 7th graders are learning more about the American Revolution and its results. Have a great weekend and enjoy the BIG game.


Mrs. Corrado Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade Math, and Math 9

Catholic Schools week was a fun learning experience for the Middle School. We toured all around our Nation and visited the different regions and learned all about each. Next week, as we get back to regular classes, each grade will be working on new topics. Grade 6 is beginning Algebra! They will be learning about the different components of algebraic expressions. Grade 7 will also be working with algebraic expressions, but they will be applying the distributive property in order to factor and expand expressions, and combine like terms to create equivalent algebraic expressions. Grade 8 will use what we learned this week about solutions to linear equations, and apply it to systems of linear equations. They will learn how to find the solution to a system of equations algebraically; by using substitution and/or elimination, and graphically. Math 9 will also be working with systems, and will go a bit deeper by also working with systems of Inequalities.


Ms. Fitzgerald Physical Education

I hope everyone enjoyed Catholic School’s Week and created many wonderful memories. This week some classes continued working on volleyball, touching on serving and the rules of the game. I hope the eighth grade had fun in the volleyball game verse the faculty. Even though the faculty came out on top the students showed great effort and seemed to be having a ton of fun. The younger grades continued working on their locomotor movements and also seem to be having great fun.


Señorita Mena Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Spanish

¡Hola! 5th graders had an amazing week with their food projects. They now know different food categories. The main focus for this week being breakfast! For 6th grade we worked as groups and all students participated in a class game. Some were competitive but everyone did amazingly well just a few minor errors. For the 7th graders and 8th graders, expanding our comprehension on the preterit tense (past tense). Taking verbal notes and using examples to understand this tense from English to Spanish and vice versa. As well as comparing the difference between present tense and preterit tense. ¡Gracias!