Saint Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy Weekly Bulletin


Mr. Heide Principal

I’m extremely proud of how hard everyone has worked this trimester! Your hard work paid off. A special congratulations to those students who made honors and the Principal’s List. Take pride in this major accomplishment. Next Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. is the State of the Academy. This mandatory event will be held in the auditorium. We will be going over all the necessary preparation for the 2017-2018 academic school year. We’ll see you there.


Mrs. Farrell Director of Religious Education

Religious Education- Our children have been taking Lent seriously.  They are reflecting on their Lenten sacrifices and trying to be kinder and more considerate.  I hope it is working at home too.  They are using the Prayer Room to reflect on the Stations of the Cross.  Our First Communion children will be getting ready for their First Penance in 2 weeks. Please keep them in your prayers.


Mrs. Miller UPK Administrator, Ms. Martino, Mrs. DeMarinis, Mrs. Natale, Ms. Crane UPK

During the second week of our water unit, children will focus on changes in water temperature. They will explore and observe ice and water at different temperatures and perform experiments with water and ice.


Mrs. Saviano Kindergarten

This week Kindergarten is discovering the letter Kk and its initial sound. They are working on writing the uppercase and lower case letter as well as sort picture names according to their beginning sound. They are also working measurement as they enhance their vocabulary by using words like height, length, and weight. They are also working on being extra kind to each other during lent. They are practicing how to be good listeners and the best followers of Jesus they can be. They are also reading and writing sight words. We are also engaging in many different art projects for the month of March!


Mrs. Luciano (Ms. Regina) First Grade

This week we received our report cards for the second trimester. I want to encourage the first graders to stay focused and to keep working hard, like they did this past trimester, so they can continue to do well as we enter into our final trimester. It was great to see all of the parents for the report card conferences. We have started our unit on telling time in Math. We are learning about the hour hand and minute hand, as well as time to the hour and half hour.  We focused on words that have "or" sounds this week in Phonics. In Science, we learned about different types of precipitation. This was a great week for this topic, considering the weather we had this week. We are also progressing very well with our Lenten journey and are recognizing the many good deeds we see our classmates doing for each other. We reminded ourselves how St. Patrick used the three leaves on the shamrock to explain the Blessed Trinity- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Today we had fun measuring leprechauns using different coin sizes, as well as had a lucky coin classroom hunt. I want to wish everyone a very happy and lucky St. Patrick's Day! May the wind be always at your back!


Ms. Ferraro Second Grade

As we turned the clocks ahead and got ready for spring, winter got in the way. Although most of is were not ready for a snowstorm, the children enjoyed the snow day on Tuesday.  As the church season of Lent continues, the class has been doing several activities.  They visited the prayer room on Friday and each child wrote a prayer request to post on the bulletin board. They learned about The Stations of the Cross which are displayed in the prayer room and in the hallway.  Some of the Second Graders will be receiving the Sacrament of Penance on Tuesday.  Please keep then in your prayers as they receive this special sacrament of forgiveness.  In Math, they began doing equations.  Believe it or not, this concept is a simple form of Algebra!!  In Reading, they are learning about myths. They read "The Night the Moon Fell, which they really enjoyed.  Report cards were distributed on Thursday afternoon and evening.  Many thanks to the parents for coming out in this terrible weather.  Keep warm and have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Rodgers Third Grade

3rd grade was surprised by their shorter than usual week this week thanks to the snow day on Tuesday and half day on Thursday for Report Cards.  We still managed to get a lot of work into our school days.  We visited the prayer room again and added more to our wall of prayers to display some of what we are praying for during the Lenten Season.  In Math, we are continuing to learn and understand fractions.  Everyone is doing pretty well, so far the hardest topic we have come across is comparing fractions but we are continuing to work at it and I'm sure everyone will get the hang of it in no time!  In ELA, we finished our play about best friends, Nathan and Fremont.  Our actors, David and Alex, had a great time performing the short play - and even sang a song during their performance in class.  We also read a expository nonfiction story, Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest - the class loved learning about the most extreme places on Earth.  Now we have begun writing about which of those places each of us would like to visit.  We had to postpone our Science test a couple days this week, but we did eventually get it out of the way and the kids are ready to move on to our next topic - The Solar System.  It was great to see so many of the parents again during Report Card conferences.  For anyone who was unable to make a report card appointment, feel free to contact me so when can set up another appointment and you can receive your child's report card.


Mrs. Sorriero Fourth and Fifth Grade ELA and Science

Students are doing a great job learning and sharing their Lenten sacrifices.  There seemed to be a lot of temptations this week on our snow day.  In smaller groups, the students are illustrating the Stations of the Cross as part of their weekly plan for prayer.  We are also preparing for our state exams on the 27th with the continuation of short writing responses and our longer essay responses.  Mother Nature helped illustrate our science lessons better than any smart board could show us.  Students did very nicely in their air pressure exit and are ready to move on in the forecast.  Students have on display their latest foreshadowing essay. Be sure to come take a look at their "literary techniques."


Mrs. Fulgieri Fourth and Fifth Grade Math and Social Studies

We had a brief interruption to our early spring this week.  The 4th grade is moving along with their fractional concepts.  We are now beginning to use our basic skills to answer SOME questions about mixed numbers and improper fractions.  We are learning to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa using math and without tape diagrams.  The tape diagrams have been a very helpful tool for grade 4 and we will continue to use them.  Grade 5 is working on the divisibility rules and are applying them to 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers  They are also learning how to find the prime factorization of numbers and to write that prime factorization in exponential form. We have visited the prayer room twice.  The students are enjoying our Lenten preparations and prayer times.  Some of our 4th and 5th graders will be receiving their first Penance next week.  Let's say a prayer for them as they continue their faith journey. 


Ms. Catalano Sixth Grade Science, Social Studies, and ELA

I hope everyone had a safe Snow Day on Tuesday. Between the snow, ice, and report cards, this is a very hectic week. In Social Studies, we are finishing up the chapter on Ancient China. The 6th grade has been busy creating some fantastic drawings of Ancient China. I didn't know they were such an artistic group. Thank you to Mrs. Lu for writing 6-1's names in Chinese. The children have enjoyed writing their names in Chinese characters. In LA, they are still practicing for the NYS-ELA test and reviewing Units 4 to 6 for a test on March 27. In Science, we are still discussing conduction. Friday finds us celebrating mass with our friends in the 4th grade. Happy Saint Patrick's Day on March 17 and Happy Saint Joseph's Day on March 19!


Ms. Pellegrino Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade ELA

This week has been full of snow! However, we are full steam ahead in both seventh and eighth grade ELA. We are finishing up a document based essay in eighth grade and in Seventh grade, the students are learning about verbals and how to apply them and recognize them in our writing. In Religion the class is working on their Lenten promises and reflecting on how Jesus would respond in certain situations. Also parent-teacher conferences are on Thursday to update parents on their child's progress!


Ms. Winwood Seventh, and Eighth Grade Science

Eighth grade science is studying wave formation, tsunamis and how they impact the shore.  Seventh grade just started their unit on animals, namely, vertebrates and invertebrates.  Both classes will have their tests this Friday due to the weather. Eighth grade religion is finishing up chapter 13 - The Enlightenment and how it challenged the church.  Sixth grade religion - concentrating on how David became the king of Israel and his strengths and weaknesses.


Mr. DeMarinis Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

This week in Religion we are learning about the Protestant Reformation and the Council of Trent. On Wednesday, we did the Stations of the Cross in the prayer room. Next week, we will do the Stations of the Cross in Church. In the 7th grade, we are learning about the Legislative and Executive Branches of our government. The 8th graders are completing their study on the "Great War" and will have a test next week.


Mrs. Corrado Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade Math, and Math 9

Due to the signing of the Bill of Rights (Friday), the storm (Tuesday), and PTC (Thursday) we have been behind in our lessons. All grades took and/or finished last week's test this week.


Ms. Fitzgerald Physical Education

Students in the lower grades played some of our new games and really seemed to be understanding them better while having lots of fun. This week they learned a new game called 4 corners which incorporated fitness exercises. The upper grades continued to play their volleyball games, now keeping score and really working on getting their serves over the net and getting a bit of a volley going back and forth. All grades really seem to enjoy getting into the games.


Señorita Mena Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Spanish

¡Hola! This week has been a short week, due to a snow day. This doesn't mean we stopped working. The 5th grade class began learned about Dominican Republic. We covered basic topics such as history and music. The 6th grade class is also learning about the Dominican Republic. They've learned so much that they are now doing reports with a creative twist. The 7th and 8th graders are discovering tge beautiful Island of Boriquen (today it's known as Puerto Rico). Giving homework question for class discussions have helped everyone not only in improving grades, but also with class participation. Hopefully we'll get to finish with "El Caribe" soon. ¡Gracias!