Saint Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy Weekly Bulletin


Mr. Heide Principal

It was great to see you at the Annual State of the Academy Address. I hope that you left with all your questions answered and are just as excited and looking forward to the future as we are! Congratulations to our students on receiving the Sacrament of First Penance and Reconciliation. This is a major accomplishment in your development as a member of our church. Please remember to bring in your forms and money for Brunch with the Bunny. Last year’s event was a major success. This year’s event has a lot of surprises in store with plenty of crafts, activities, food, and raffles. Be sure to reserve your spot. Lastly, I’d like to wish our fourth, sixth, and eighth graders the best of luck on the NYS-ELA exam on March 28, 29, and 30th. Make sure your child gets plenty of rest so they may perform to their fullest potential.


Mrs. Farrell Director of Religious Education

All of our Communicants have received First Penance this week.  We now are focusing on First communion.  Our meeting for our first Communion children is April 7th at 7 PM.  Please mark your calendars.  Our Communion retreat is April 8th  from 10 AM – 1 PM.  All the Communion candidates must attend.  The children are really participating in the Pay It Forward project for Lent.  All of their good intentions and prayers are displayed in the Prayer Room.


Mrs. Miller UPK Administrator, Ms. Martino, Mrs. DeMarinis, Mrs. Natale, Ms. Crane UPK

In the third week of our water unit, the children will think about how objects are affected when they are placed in water.  This will lead them to think critically about why some objects float and some sink.  There are also opportunities this week to learn about substances that dissolve or expand in water (like salt and sponges).


Mrs. Saviano Kindergarten

This week Kindergarten is discovering  the letter Jj and its initial sound. We are  also working on identifying shapes. We are working on Spring projects and learning about the Spring season. We are also working on being good listeners and following directions the first time they are given as well as working quietly. We are working on growing closer to God during Lent.


Mrs. Luciano (Ms. Regina) First Grade

The first graders are doing really well with our Math Unit on Telling Time that we've been working hard on.  They understand that the hour hand will be halfway between two numbers when the minute hand is on the 6. They are also grasping the difference between things that take a second, a minute, and an hour. I'm very proud of the effort they have put in each day this week while working on their individual clocks. We have been recognizing high frequency words in our readers as well as in words we see around the school building. The students have been demonstrating that they recognize words with long vowels a, i, o, u, e and final y. Our buzzword for the week was "beautiful" and we discussed the many beautiful things that we have in our lives. In Religion, we spent the week reading about what happened at the Last Supper and how important the Eucharist is. We are keeping the Second Graders in our prayers as we know they are preparing to receive their First Holy Communion in a couple of months. Today, Mr. Anthony from The Nature Company came to visit us. We participated in the workshop called ABC Animals. We really enjoyed the creatures that Mr. Anthony brought in for us to see. We had so much fun learning all about them.


Ms. Ferraro Second Grade

Congratulations to the Second Graders as they received the Sacrament of Penance on Tuesday.  Twelve of the Second Graders, along with their classmates went to church for this very special. event.  The other children in the class who did not receive the Sacrament were very supportive of their classmates and helped them prepare for it. I was pleased at how well they remembered everything they learned about penance. Fr. Fitz and Fr .Mohan complimented the class on how well prepared they were and were very impressed with them.  Thanks to the parents who attended - it was wonderful that you were able to be with us.  A special thanks to Mrs. Farrell for all the hard work she did to organize this special day.  We appreciate all her time and effort. May God Bless and protect all the children in the Second Grade.  We visited the prayer room on Monday and read the bible story called the "The Lost Son", which Fr. Fitz used as the reading for Penance.  In Math they are learning number bonds, which is another form of addition and subtraction. As we continue with cursive writing, the children have learned seventeen letters and many new words. I'm proud to say that their writing is beautiful and they are doing a great job!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Rodgers Third Grade

The third graders were very excited to start off our week by welcoming Spring!  The class has been pretty good about keeping up with their Lenten sacrifices - and I am impressed with their honesty when we discussed how hard it is to keep our promises.  We had a busy week with special visitors.  Friday afternoon we welcomed Mr. Anthony from The Nature Company who brought lots of animals to interact with us during his workshop, Awesome Adaptations.  The kids had a great time getting up close and personal with the animals.  We are finishing up our work with fractions this week and the kids have really gained a great understanding of the concept as part of a whole.  Next week will have a test on adding and subtracting fractions before moving on to our next topic.  In ELA, we have been using adjectives to improve our writing skills by adding more details.  The kids have been doing a fine job adding adjectives to be more descriptive in their sentence writing.  We started learning about the solar system in Science, and this has proven to be a topic of great interest for the kids.  We have been using the Worldwide telescope to virtually travel through space visiting each planet.  They are going to start work on their own diagrams of the solar system and I am excited to see how they look when they are done.  Make sure your child logs onto BrainPop each week to check for his/her video assignments and quizzes.


Mrs. Sorriero Fourth and Fifth Grade ELA and Science

It was a very special week for our fourth grade classmates, Alex, Johnathan, and Zindgi, who received their first penance.  We will receive as a class together April 5th.  Another proud moment for us this week were the results from our Mr. Henshaw assessment.  Students really showed growth in their comprehension skills and writing responses.  Less than a week away, we can confidently look forward to the state test.  Remember to get a good night sleep on Sunday and a great breakfast on Monday! Fifth graders are close to the end of their Atmosphere Unit.  Understanding atmospheric conditions and the methods meteorologists use to forecast have prepared them for their STEM challenge.  Which group can construct a house that can hold up to the severe weather conditions we generate?


Mrs. Fulgieri Fourth and Fifth Grade Math and Social Studies

Grade 4 was introduced to the abstract thinking of geometric points, lines, etc. They will be working on the fraction and geometry modules simultaneously.  Therefore, we will be alternating our afternoons with geometry and social studies. They are also being given the released questions of past years Grade 4 State Math Questions.  This will give help them  review skills and practice for the test. Grade 5 is also learning two modules simultaneously.  They are in the fraction module and mastering metric measurement conversions with problem solving.  A summative assessment for Grade 5 SS is scheduled for Wednesday, March 29.  The test will be on Chapter 3.  Our class has been reading about Jesus, the Last Supper, and the Passover celebration of the Jewish people.  They ate 5 boxes of Matzah this week and most of them enjoyed it,  although they did have some jelly to spread on!


Ms. Catalano Sixth Grade Science, Social Studies, and ELA

The sixth grade is tired of winter and is so glad that spring is here. Social Studies finds us exploring the countries of South Asia. Science has us learning about how thermal energy is transferred by convection and how energy is transferred by radiation. We are still working hard trying to improve our reading and writing skills for the NYS-ELA test on March 28, 29, and 30th. It was great to see you all at the State of the Academy meeting. Happy Spring!


Ms. Pellegrino Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade ELA

This week in Eighth grade ELA we are finishing up our review for state testing. Next week our eighth grade will take their ELA state exam. They have worked hard and hopefully all will do well. In Seventh grade ELA, they are discovering verbals and how to apply them in writing.  In Religion the class is practicing their shadow puppet play that they will perform for the school and parents on April 5. They are all excited about this.


Ms. Winwood Seventh, and Eighth Grade Science

Eighth grade religion - we are studying how the age of enlightenment affected the church as well as the French Revolution.  There will be a test on chapter 13 this Thursday.  Sixth grade religion class is beginning chapter 12 studying how Solomon's reign was a time of peace and prosperity.  Eighth grade science is focusing on Oceanography namely, the Coriolis effect, ocean currents and zones.  Seventh grade science is beginning the unit on Animals, namely, vertebrates and invertebrates. Eighth grade has Mass this Friday!  Don't forget to submit your Public High School round 2 choices and acceptance papers!!


Mr. DeMarinis Seventh and Eighth Grade Social Studies

Welcome to Spring. The 8th graders have completed their studies of World War I and had a test on Wednesday. We have begun to learn about the "Golden 20's." The 7th graders are learning about the Amendments to the Constitution. In Religion, class 8-1 went to Church on Wednesday for the Stations of the Cross and attended the 8:45 AM mass on Friday. REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS- PLEASE REMEMBER TO START RETURNING YOUR MITE BOXES TO HELP THE POOR AND THOSE IN NEED AROUND THE WORLD.


Mrs. Corrado Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Grade Math, and Math 9

This week the sixth grade began solving and checking one step equations. They used inverse operations and properties of operations to show why and how they are able to isolate the variable in order to solve. There will be a quiz on solving one step addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations on Monday. Grade 7 is working on Scale Factor and Scale Drawings to help them with Part I of the Dream House Project. Part I is due April 1st. Eighth grade began Transformations and started with Reflections and Translations. There will be a quiz on Monday and they will need to know both the graphing procedure and how to write each notation. Math 9 learned special binomial products in place of using FOIL and/or double distribution. Next week we will apply these special cases to factoring trinomials. There will be a quiz later in the week.


Ms. Fitzgerald Physical Education

This week we finished up our volleyball unit. The upper grades continued playing volleyball games and everyone really seemed to be improving and using all the skills we practiced throughout the unit. The lower grades continued to play our new games which is allowing them to really work on their teamwork. Everyone is growing and learning while having lots of fun.


Señorita Mena Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Spanish

¡Hola! This week, students in the 5th grade had a flag project. They have decorated the Spanish classroom with the Dominican and Puerto Rican flag. They all did an amazing job. The 6th grade class has shown their reporting skills! They've written reports on Dominican Republic demonstrating their knowledge on the Island. The 7th and 8th grade class are also learning about the Caribbean, this will lead us to day to day use of Spanish. Going over the time of day, climate, and other activities in Spanish. ¡Gracias!