2013 Teacher Christmas Door Decorating Contest





Mrs. Demarinis' door had an idea that showed the true meaning of Christmas. She used cut-outs of her student's hands to make a Christmas tree. The students wrote down their Christmas wishes on them and what Christmas means to them.


Mrs. Saviano

Mrs. Saviano's door expressed what kids really love about Christmas. That is getting presents of course! She decorated her door from head to toe with the guy everyone loves, Santa Claus.


Mrs. Murray

Ms. Murray was very creative with a gorgeous diorama of Christmas at Rockefeller Center. It included the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, the nutcrackers, and the ice skating rink. She also had actual moving figures rollerskating and lights everywhere. She says she got her inspiration from her favorite childhood memory of going to Rockefeller Center with her mom and ice skating.


Mrs. Rodgers

Mrs. Rodgers’ door was original and creative. Her door had 3 reindeers which was part of "Ms. Rodgers' Reindeer Stable." She put a sign under the reindeer that said "Please feed the reindeer. We really like cookies!” It originally said "Do not" which was crossed out. She said the idea came naturally. Christmas is her favorite holiday and she loves to put up Christmas decorations. The hard part was cutting the paper to fit the door, especially cutting the holes for the doorknob and the window.


Ms. Delisi

Ms. Delisi's door had a twist on Santa and his reindeer. Mr. Corso was Santa and the 6th-8th grade teachers were the reindeer, with Ms. Delisi as Rudolph. At the bottom of the door were presents for the junior high classes.


Mr. Demarinis

Mr. Demarinis' door was dedicated to the true spirit of Christmas. His door had a holly leaf, ribbons, Christmas lights, a star, and a nativity. He had a paragraph describing why he chose each decoration and how it related to Chrsitmas.


Mrs. Winwood

Mrs. Winwood's door displayed a beautiful winter scene with clouds, falling snowflakes, and snow on the ground. She even had white lights in the clouds.


Mrs. Milller

Mrs. Miller's door had angels and a snowman. It also had a snow globe with Santa's village featuring Santa's Workshop. Christmas lights decorated the inside all around for a festive look.


Mrs. Turano

Mrs. Turano's door was wrapped in red metallic gift paper and trimmed with garlands. There was a Christmas tree made of garlands trimmed with ornaments and lights with presents at the bottom. And of course, "Feliz Navidad"...Merry Christmas in Spanish.


Mrs. Kennedy

Mrs.Kennedy's door was bursting with originality. She added in a little part that made students relive their childhood for a moment. That part was Big Bird from Sesame Street. It was risky, but she pulled it off.


Mrs. Farrell

Mrs. Farrell's door had a beautiful nativity scene made of arts and crafts. It included a shining star, the Three Kings, the angel, Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. It also said "Keep Christ In Christmas" on the door as well.



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