St. Mary Gate of Heaven Catholic Academy

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After-school Program


This program is available to families of students who cannot pick-up their children after school dismisses. Your child will remain on school property supervised by school faculty.


Program Hours
- Hours: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
- Early Dismissal Days: from dismissal until 6pm
- There will be time alotted for recreation which lasts approximately 1 hour each day, which will take place either in the gym or schoolyard.
- After recreation, there will be time alotted for a snack. Students will have a snack provided to them.
- After snack, time will be allotted for homework. Students will be supervised and receive assistance where necessary. Individual tutoring is not provided during this time.
Half-Day Information
On days there is early dismissal, 1/2 days, students must bring their lunch.
Emergency Contact Form
An after-school registration and emergency contact form must be filled out and kept updated.